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April 08, 2008


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I think those little rings are so cute. Like little leg warmers for your knuckles! And your handbags are darling too. You do such a nice job!


I feel the same way, I haven't knitted in weeks now because I have been sewing so much for my shop. I think you have inspired me to finally finish one of my knitting projects today ;o)Those finger things are too cute, not sure the purpose but cute.


Those rings are so cool. I'm lovin your blog :)

Jenny-up the hill

I love the rings! I've tried knitting before but failed in an extreme manner!lol!! I think I need one on one instruction...

This is my first time visiting you...your blog is lovely and I'll be back!


your bag is lovely. you know, sometimes it's really good to take a break from that "special" craft we do. makes us love it and appreciate it even more.

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